Outplacement Service

Career Boost offers a unique outplacement service that specializes in a Client-Centric approach to Outplacement. Our process is so effective we can pass these savings onto our client by providing our service at over half the price of typical outplacement services.

What kind of package does your Outplacement Service provide?

  • A live 1-on-1 intake session with leading career expert.
  • Customized resumes, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters and thank you letters.
  • Unlimited rewrites until your employees are 100% satisfied
  • The use of professional editors to ensure their resumes, LinkedIn Profiles, and cover letters are perfect.
  • Keyword optimization/SEO for job hunting tools.
  • Job Search training.
  • Interview Training.
  • Executive Profiles (For Executives)

Popular Questions

When circumstances take place, and you need to downsize employees, an outplacement service is the best way to ensure your downsized employees have the best opportunity to find a new role.

Our Outplacement service is lead by Steven Mostyn, the leading expert in Career training and a 3-time bestselling author on the topic. Also, your downsized employees will be more satisfied as we offer the most complete job search training, tools, and resources. The results are higher rates of new roles for your downsized employees. Also, our service is half the price of typical outplacement services.

As we have mastered the job search lifecycle, we can pass the saving onto our clients. As a result, our fees are typically 50% less than our competitors. Our fees start at $999 and go up to $2,500 for working with leadership level staff.

We have experience in almost all sectors, including Banking, IT, Retail, Manufacturing, Finance, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Telecommunications, CPG, Mining, Insurance, Real Estate, Education, Non-Profit, Government, media, Pharmaceutical, and many more.

Plan and Details

  • VAT invoice processing
    $1,243.76 fixed fee (install new program);
  • Consulting on current issues
    $112.00 – $154.00 (depending on the complexity);
  • Preparation of staff documentation
    $100.00 – $175.00 (contact us for detailed);
  • Preparation Of Salary Documentation
    $195.00 for the first report;

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